MSH 950

This is the state of art of IoT drone.

The system is based on an internet connected drone and a web platform to control and interact with it.

MSH-950 is compatible with two payloads :

  • Our security / search and rescue payload composed of :
    • BlockCam Sony 4k with 20x optical zoom (oFOV from 65° to 4°)
    • FLIR thermal camera 640
    • Directional headlight with 6000 Lumen LED
  • Compatible with Gremsy camera up to 2.5Kg

Ready to fly in a minute !

Step to have the MSH-950 ready to fly :

  • Mount the two landing skids
  • Mount the four arms
  • Check the props and the antennas

Drone main features:

  • construction type: quadcopter with 22” propellers
  • dimensions ready to fly with folded blades 720mm x 720mm x 605mm
  • dimensions ready to fly with extended blades 1355mm x 1355mm x 605mm
  • dry weight no batteries no payload 4700g
  • weight with 2 x 12000mAh 6S no PayLoad 7900g
  • flight time without PayLoad 30 minutes
  • flight time with PayLoad (1600g) 20 minutes
  • max wind conditions to fly 10 m/s
  • max speed 10 m/s
  • dual sim internet connection
  • compact radio control transmitter with 1000 nits lcd screen + headphones
  • high power charger (average charging time 40 minutes)
  • Motors T-Motor
  • Plastic foldable T-Motor props
  • RTK u-blox F9P